The Unforgettable Jason Wimberly

medJason has appeared on MTV, LOGO, The Hallmark Channel, KTLA, KHOU and more while also being a published writer on some of the top websites and blogs. Appearing on numerous televised make-over sessions, morning beauty and fitness segments, and as an award show/special event correspondent, Jason’s unique look and gregarious personality helps connect him one on one as well as with the audience at home.  Whether the subject is a woman in need of a make-over, a fitness segment and health discussion, or a young person needing help coming out of their shell; Jason creates a fun and safe space for everyone to experience the power of positive transformation. A self-styled fashion icon who has graced the covers and pages of many magazines and photography books, Jason is also a strong supporter of several philanthropic causes, using his celebrity to advance the causes of both the San Diego and Los Angeles LGBT Centers, and numerous other charitable organizations throughout the country.

Self-created. Distinctive. Iconic. In a world of carbon-copy beauty, fashion and fitness “experts”, Jason Wimberly is absolutely unforgettable.

First things first, let’s get some basics out of the way. What are your stats (age, height & weight, hair & eye color)?
I’m 6’1”, 175 lbs., dirty blond hair and grey eyes. As far as age goes, I prefer to think I’m timeless.

What is your hometown? Where do you currently reside?
I was born in a small farming town in the central valley. Hated it growing up, but love my country roots now. I currently live in Beverly Hills.

r5How were you “discovered” and how did your career take off?
Oh jeez, that’s a big question. I started appearing on television when I was about 21 as a fashion correspondent on local news when I was working for Neiman Marcus and GUCCI. Fast forward to two episodes on MTV’s “MADE,” winning a reality show competition in Montreal called “Queer Of The Year,” and appearing on a book or magazine cover here and there. I started to get a little more attention recently after the Marco Marco Fashion runway shows.

You’re a television personality, fitness professional, spokesperson, model, event host, author as well as an activist, how do you maintain balance in everything you do while doing so much?
I am fortunate enough I absolutely love everything I do, and if there is ever something I don’t love, I move on. I work constantly, but it doesn’t seem like work, it just seems like my life. I have had to compartmentalize a lot of things, and reserve certain times or days for certain work or companies I work with, otherwise I would go crazy. I also have some amazing support behind the scenes.

When did you first find interest in fitness? How often do you hit the gym? What are your favorite exercises?
My father was a bodybuilder, so the idea of working out and eating well was a lifestyle for my family since I was a kid. I attended the Idyllwild Arts Academy for high school, which is a boarding school for the arts. I graduated at 16 and was working as a professional dancer by 18. After realizing I would always love movement, but I didn’t need to be on stage, I started teaching dance and group fitness about 10 years ago. Right now I lift heavy about four times a week, and teach eight group fitness classes a week. Too many favorite exercises to name, but anything with my legs!

You created a fitness program called Wimberlean. What inspired you to develop that program? And how can our readers find out more about it?
WIMBERLEAN was born in LA a couple years ago when I started doing small group classes and creating original movement with an emphasis on better posture. Drawing on my ballet background, and what I’ve learned and loved from other formats like Pilates, I created movement and subsequently launched my DVD as a way to perfect your posture and core strength. The DVD is a slower paced movement series with our signature Wimberbands included in each set. As a trainer and instructor, so many injuries or muscular imbalances I see are a result of poor posture. It really is one of the most important parts of keeping your body young and healthy. Since then WIMBERLEAN has developed into more of a brand name I use for some of my apparel, and when contributing for fitness magazines. You can visit for more info, and check out the press page to see articles and workouts I have created for other sites and magazines.


What physical aspect do you think most people mention first as being attractive about you?   What is one thing about your body you most wish you could change?
Haha. My legs pay my rent. Literally. The funny thing is I had the worst chicken legs EVER as a kid. I refused to wear shorts for years of my life. After decades of dance and hard work, now they are the thing that gets the most attention, and as a dancer, trainer, and model, they literally pay my bills. Of course we all have things we are always making better, but I really have nothing I would change, unless I could be a two inches taller and be able to maintain that bronze summer glow all year around. I am so pale I am practically see through in the winter.

Can you tell us the most exciting moment in your career? And looking back, what was the hardest so far?
I’ve had so many exciting things happen. My first time attending the shows in Milan I was only 21, and I was at the GUCCI show as a guest. I remember I was wearing the same coat as VOGUE Editor Grace Coddington, which was sort of hilarious. I met and hung out with Armani that night at a restaurant he owns there. Of course my first international book cover was amazing. The book is called “Ladies and Idols,” shot by Peter Werner. Magazines are great, but a book sits on shelves much longer and I had front and back cover, and a big spread inside. I will be featured in a new book coming from Magnus Hastings, and one from Rob Lebow called “Gorgeous Project” both due out soon.

Photo by Jordan Service
Photo by Jordan Service

I love your recent editorial for ADON Magazine, which is partially featured in this interview, which was shot by Himsight Photography, tell me about that experience, have you worked with him before?
Aw thank you. I am so often photographed in one of my more glam, andro looks, and never really get to play up a more masculine look. I had never met Jordan of Himsight, but had seen some of his stuff on Instagram and we connected. Super easy, quick, fun. We shot at the famed Garcia House on Mulholland which is owned by my friends and clients John and Bill. It was about 100 degrees that day I think, so it was minimal on wardrobe, but love the way it all turned out.

Fairy Gay Mother is a charity you founded for LGBT youth, Tell us about that. Can our readers do anything to help/support Fairy Gay Mother?
Fairy Gay Mother was a longtime dream of mine. We use fitness to help inspire and motivate at risk or homeless LGBT Teens. I have an amazing staff of trainers who work with me, and currently we go to the LA Gay and Lesbian Centers Youth Housing Center multiple times a week and sweat and have fun. These kids are up against so much, without a place to sleep or a meal to eat. The last thing they are thinking of it taking care of their bodies. So we show up with basketball, and Frisbee, and soccer balls, and get them to move and laugh. Currently I am still in my non-profit filing but we have been running the programs for the last 7 months. I have a great video explaining more of what we do and why we do it on featuring my clients Jane Lynch and Selma Blair.  People can still help us by shopping the collection online, as I hope to expand to other cities who need this support next year. 100% of the proceeds go to keeping our programs running.

Do you ever get shy when you get in front of the camera?
I don’t think I have ever been shy of anything. I’m what some may call, “over confident.” I usually have to work to dial that back.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I wish. Most my my talents are public knowledge. I am sorely lacking the ability to sing however. I am completely tone deaf, which totally thwarted my goals of becoming a gay pop star.

Describe your personality in 3 words.
Calling in a lifeline on this one. According to my best friend, and ex-boyfriend – Robust, Compassionate and Daring.


  • US city: Miami Beach
  • Country to visit: India changed my life. Waiting on Greece though, stay tuned.
  • Style of Underwear: Briefs
  • Underwear Designer: RUFSKIN
  • Clothing Designer: Helmut Lang

How can our readers keep up with you on social media?
I’m pretty easy to find @jasonwimberly across the board.

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