This is your chance to find out who are role models to Henny and which kitchen he likes the best. 

Hello Henny, how are you?

Fine thanks and you all?

Good to know! We’re totally fine too, thank you so much. I hope you’re ready to answer some silly questions? 😏

Let’s do this haha! Btw, there are no silly questions, just silly answers. 😜

Good. Let’s start with the standard questions first. How old are you, where are you from, what’s your height and weight?

My age is “top secret”. 😊 Belgium Antwerp, I’m 1.80m and weight is 80kg.

You’re already quite a few number of years active as a model. Can you tell us since when?

1996 I did my first shoot ever in front of a professional camera.

Can you enumerate a few brands for which you have modeled and which was your favorite?

In Armani underwear, shoot for the Netherlands and suits from Nicky Vankets a Belgian designer and friend.

You have a rather strong muscular and attractive body (if I may say so 🙊). How many days a week and how many hours do you spend in gym?

Thank you (blushes). I train a lot or as much as I can, I don’t go to the gym that much as I do most of all training on bodyweight but just let’s say I’m working out for sure 2 hours a day.

You’ve recently competed at a major competition in the UK and yes, you went with all the prices for which congratulations! 😆 Do you want to tell our readers what competition it was and tell me honestly, did you think you would win? 😊

I never thought I was going to win this, even my coach. Well he was more in that I could win a price but not all. I went to the competition to win the cover shot on Mens Fitness Magazine. And I won that one first so I was very happy, never excepted that. And then the other prices were announced that I won them, so I was even more happy and my coach Tibor Koppers jumped sky high together with a friend of mine from Belgium who was also there, Alexander Pauwels (those two were my only supporters that I had in the beginning).

Which other aesthetic do you look up to the most?

All the big names are role models as I want to be a social media influencer like them. Tavi Castro, Sergi Constance, Lazar Angelov, working for the abs of Tom Coleman, Steve Cook and Ryan Terry. The last 3 are more in my category but they are major influencers on social media and totally out of my league.

In any case, you’re a worthy winner! Let’s have a moment of your work as an actor. How do you like it?

I love to act as I like to do action scenes haha, and I like the sporty role I have, the guy “Robin” I’m playing is also sporty.

You play the role of Robin Verhaegen in a Belgian police series on the channel VTM. Tell us more about it? 👮

Well as before we are both very similar, we’re both sporty, also “kattestreken”, teasing, laughing and always having fun but when focus is needed it on!

Such a police uniform looks great on you (if you know what I mean 😉😇)!

Haha, thank you again (blushes), it’s different than just wearing underwear haha!


  • Belgian or French fries? None of both… BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, haha!
  • Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez? JLO
  • Movie: Rattatouli Cartoon
  • Kitchen: Healthy
  • Color: Red
  • Clothing brand: Underarmour
  • Underwear brand: Emporio Armani
  • Designer: Nicky Vankets but dream to work for Armani its suits or perfume haha.

Where can our readers follow your daily adventures (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)?

I got a lot of social media but my main are Instagram and Facebook, but here are a few links haha.

Facebook (fanpage):












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