Jason John: Australian Living In The United States

Photo by Hayden Su
Photo by Hayden Su

Why has Jason moved from Australia to the United States? What is the most embarrassing thing Jason has ever experienced? Read on to find out… 

Let us first start with some basic questions. Are you willing to tell us your age? Where are you from and where do you live now? What is your height, weight, eye color…?

Birthday is July 8, from Melbourne, live in Hollywood California now. Height is 6’1″ and eyes are hazel.

Why did you exchange Australia for the United States? Was Australia no more beautiful?

Australia is a very beautiful place but the work opportunities for me are much better in the USA.

It seems that you have already worked with many different photographers. Which is your favorite?

I actually don’t have a favorite photographer, they all have a different style which is great to see the final product for after working together.

Is there also a photographer that you have never worked with but would like to work with very much? 

The photographers at the top of my list to work with would have to be Mario Testino, Bruce Weber and Brian Jamie.

Photo by Hayden Su
Photo by Hayden Su

We are a bit curious. Do you want to tell us who he or she is?

I am not too sure what you’re referring to here… But I am quite private with my personal life. 😊

Besides modeling you are also an actor. Which of these two do you hope to achieve with the most?

I hope to move forward more with acting now that I have moved to Hollywood, it has always been my dream to act in feature films.

Which actor/actress do you look up to most and why? 

I look up to actors such as Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp – They’re all amazing actors in my opinion.

Back to modeling. If you had not been a model, if you had not achieved as much as you have now, what job would you have done? 

I would most likely have my own business, working on restoring and customizing classic and sports cars, which I have done a little of for my own collection and its a huge passion of mine.

Let us dig into your past. What is the most embarrassing that you have ever experienced? 

One time that was very embarrassing was the day after I picked up my dog to take him home with me, he was 8 weeks old at the time and looked like a teddy bear – I took him into the department store to buy him a new collar, leash and bed etc. and while I had my back turned to him he pooped all over the Floor in the aisle! It was so embarrassing and I had to stand there cleaning it up before we left very quickly hoping that not many people saw us. 😂😳💩

Which is the most important tip you can give us to keep our bodies as fit and healthy as yours? 

There not just one big important tip, I would pretty much give the advice to take care of your bodies, eat a balanced diet mostly with vegetables but make sure to treat yourself sometimes (pizza and French fries are a good start 😂)  and stay active! If you can’t get to a gym then get outside and exercise – It’s fun.

Photo by Hayden Su
Photo by Hayden Su

Let yourself go and tell our readers why they should follow you.

Readers should follow me for some fun and inspiring posts, and to keep up with what I’m up to next. 😊

Single or taken?

😉 I try to keep my personal life private.

Some favorites:

  • Designer: Armani, Versace, D&G are among my favorites!
  • Clothing brand: As above, Armani, Versace and D&G
  • Underwear: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss.
  • Movie: The Shining
  • Music genre: Hip Hop
  • Food: Pizza
  • Drink: Usually just water, but for a treat would be Coke
  • Color: Red

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