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Kristopher Dreww is running for Mr. Gay OC. PrettyMaleModels is proud to be sponsoring him. Please take time to read his interview to learn what he stands for in the LGBT community and if you can, please vote! $1 is 1 vote.

Tell us about you; who you are, what you like, career aspirations?
I am Kristopher Dreww, and I am a licensed cosmetologist with a punk rock attitude and very positive outlook on life. I am number 10, of top 20 hair stylists in Orange County, thanks to Google and LinkedIn. I specialize in eccentric, ROCK AND ROLL and bright colored hair. My clientele ranges from club promoters and drag queens, to lead singers and internet personalities. My career aspirations are to be better tomorrow than I am today, and always remember to approach every situation open minded and humble. I also am head of promotions for a successful LGBT nightclub here in orange county called #WTFFridays. I scout and find new promoters by searching for new and spunky LGBT members who have an urge to be the center of attention, and who love to have a great time at our event. I scout and then train the gaybies on how to locate and obtain their target market online.

image3You’re running for Mr. Gay OC, what makes you a good candidate for that?
The thing that makes me a good candidate is the fact that I represent everything that the LGBT stands for. I do not fit in any group or exact category in the straight world or gay world. I am Queer (weird), I dress however I feel that day (my fashion is insane and my own), I am loud and proud of who I am, I am homosexual, and I believe that everyone should be accepted for whoever or whatever they are. I stand up for the “misfits” and the “weirdos” of every community and I ALWAYS preach of self-love and acceptance of differences. And that’s what the LGBT community is all about right?

Differences are beautiful and I can’t get enough. Why wouldn’t you want to listen and learn of other people’s life experiences and why they are the way that they are?  especially when it’s something completely different from your own.

image6The gay community has made a lot of progress in recent years, but also there’s been some setbacks, what do you think is the biggest obstacle facing the LGBT community and what will you do to try to help turn the tide?
I believe the biggest obstacle the LGBT community faces now is, “what do we do now that were accepted?” Well there are a few things we can do, but the thing I want to help is the togetherness of the community, and our image as a whole. I understand why we used to be naked at pride and stopped caring what others thought due to the intense discrimination we have all endured.  So being naked was a big “FUCK YOU” to society, saying, “WE WILL BEAR IT ALL BECAUSE THIS IS WHO WE ARE ON THE INSIDE!!!” but now that times are changing I think it’s time to give back and show appreciation for the fact that the world is coming around and together with accepting us.

We can see this by attending any gay pride event, we have kids and families watching our parade, and instead of one small section in the parade where moms and families can walk to support us, we have straights all thru the parade!! Proud to call us friends!!!! There are churches, politicians, organizations, youth groups…etc. We have come a long way and I believe that we should have the attending children leave with memories they will speak of like this, “when i was young i went with my parents to a pride parade and i remember the love and amazing feeling it was to see everyone accepting one another”, instead of like this, “when i was young i went with my parents to a “pride” parade and it was so gross, they never took me or let me go again because there was naked people making out and showing private parts” …I know we are a group that is based on sexuality and that’s fine…all I’m saying is instead of UNDERWEAR we can wear shorts. They can be just as small (cough cough mine always are) …but as long as to a child they are clearly shorts or a small version of shorts to help EVERYONE love what pride represents. The kids are our future man <3

What would it mean to you if you won Mr. Gay OC?
It would mean the world to me to be crowned for something I do so strongly already <3 I would have a bigger platform to continue my passion of acceptance and love for every living creature <3

If I don’t win then I will gladly congratulate the victor and let them know that I will help them in any way possible to help our community. And let’s face it…whether I win or not, I’m not going anywhere so i hope they get used to me because I’m not going anywhere. And if i lose then i’ll just continue my journey with the imaginary crown i always wear, the one I’m wearing at this moment <3

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